How to Seduce an Older Woman

seduce older womanIf you think mature women think the same way as millennials then you are gravely mistaken. If you want to learn how to seduce an older woman, here are some pointers that might help.

Show That You’re Independent 

Most of the older women that you will encounter are most likely independent and provide for their own needs, and they will surely expect that you are too. Even though there are some women who would simp for men who are a lot younger than they are, they do hold independence in high regard. You should at least show her that you can hold a conversation without cracking an inappropriate joke.

Show Your Intelligence

Obviously, older women have more experience than women your age, so they have been there and done that, and they do have the right to say it. This is why they tend to be more aggressive and act all bossy, but you can level the playing field by showing them that you also have the brains to keep up with them.

A good way to display your intelligence is by engaging in sophisticated conversation, or just having a normal conversation without goofing off is a good start.

Show Her Your Confidence

Regardless of their age, women like men who are confident in themselves. Do take note that confidence is not equal to arrogance, so don’t go overboard when trying to impress a woman.

Going back to older women, they can be very dominating, especially towards men who are much younger than them. However, show her that you are at least confident enough to approach her, and try out your luck. Again, don’t get arrogant, just be comfortable with who you are.

Take the Lead

You’re the one who approached the girl, you should at least know what you want to do. Say that you managed to at least have a friendly chat with an older woman you met at the bar, what now? Do you want to ask her what she wants to do? No, you need to take the lead and make the next step.

Take charge and ask her out on a date right then and there; don’t wait two to three days before texting her, that’s for losers who think they must be a jerk in order to attract women. If you think that you have a shot at getting her, don’t waste time acting cool.


How to Seduce a Pisces Woman

The Pisces Woman celebrates her birthday February 20 to March 20 and is definitely quite an intriguing person. Seduce the seductress – now that is pretty hard to do since she does have a bag of tricks up her sleeve. Purple is the best shade in the color chart to wear. This color is the shade of psychic abilities, which she is so into it.

1. Gentlemanly Deeds

Let her whimper in delight when you unleash your gallant deeds. This is quite rare for men these days so become the knight in shining armor and start opening those doors for her, as well as holding her elbow as your cross the street with you on the crash side of course.


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2. Sentimental Deeds

Seduce your Pisces woman by letting her feel that she is your sun and you are the moon. Yes, romance should be in the air together with those candlelit dinners that have only to people – that is you and her.

3. Romantic Visits to the Sea

You will thank your lucky stars and fishes too, since this water sign is indeed a sea goddess when you take her to moonlit strolls along the beach. Do not forget to drape an arm around her shoulders when she shivers. She will definitely take note of that sweet yet sexy move of yours.

4. Let her Bloom.

The best gift to secure a romantic night is to give her flowers. You will see the twinkle in her eyes as she draws the flowers closer to her nose to take a whiff of the alluring scent of the flowers. Since purple is a great color, should you not find any flowers of that shade, a perfect purple bow to hold the pink roses would definitely make her heart beat a lot faster.

Seduce a Beautiful Woman

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How to Find and Seduce a Cougar

A cougar is an older woman who is interested in younger men. So why do you want to find and date a cougar? Simply because women at that age are in their sexual prime. If you are a young man reading this, remember when you were a teenage boy? Remember what you thought about all day every day?

You thought about sex. Chances are that you still think about sex most of the time. The problem is that the women you are seeing are not thinking about it nearly as much. What if you were to meet up with a woman who matches and probably exceeds your sexual desires.

That is what it would mean to you to be able to find and date a cougar. But that’s enough of the “what” and “why’, now let get into the “how”

If you want to meet a cougar you will need to first be sexually vigorous and you will need to be able to demonstrate that at the drop of a hat.

You will also need to be willing to learn. One of the traits that these women are looking for is a man who doesn’t think that they already know it all. Did you know that you’ve probably been doing it wrong all of your sexual life? Ask any woman and if she’s honest with you, she will tell you. Your new cougar will want to be able to shape you into the sexual partner she is looking for.

And finally, you will need to allow yourself to be her possession for a finite amount of time. She doesn’t want a long term relationship most of the time, just a trophy.

How to Seduce a Depressed Woman

seduce a depressed womanShould you even try to seduce a woman with depression? People with depression want to date and have relationships just like anyone else, so depression shouldn’t stop you in your tracks. But it will bring you some extra challenges that you should be prepared for. Let’s take a look at those now.

– Check your reasons

If you’ve met a girl who you’d like to get to know better but who also happens to have depression then read on. On the other hand, if you have your eye on a woman with depression because you think she’ll be an ‘easy catch’ or she will sympathize your own depression then you should think very carefully before going any further. Not only could you make her depression worse, you could find yourself in a difficult relationship that makes you unhappy, too.

Be honest with yourself: do you need to work on your own happiness or self esteem? If so, do this before you think about seducing a woman with depression.

– Prepare

Now, find out what it’s like to live with depression. A quick Google search will provide you with a wealth of information on how a woman with depression might need to take care of herself, how it could make her feel and the signals you might unintentionally give her that would mean she backs away from you. This will help you anticipate what may be ahead and plan how to handle situations before they happen.

– Don’t expect her to discuss her depression on a first date

Your date might not discuss her depression the first time you meet. Let her bring it up in her own time, although if your relationship becomes more serious than then you really do need to discuss it. If you can, wait until her depression comes up naturally in the conversation.

– When she first talks to you about her depression…

When a woman first talks about her depression, make sure you let her talk about it. Don’t brush it aside, say it doesn’t matter or even worse, get nervous and make a joke about it. Listen to what she has to say and – after giving her time to speak – tell her you understand and you care about her.

– Be patient

It’s not easy for someone with depression to just put on a happy face. Chances are that you won’t be able to ‘fix things’ and make her feel better, either. Instead, you’ll need to wait for her to feel better in her own time. If she doesn’t want to meet you one day then don’t be offended. If she wants to go out but wants to go somewhere quieter or more low-key than you then you will need to respect her feelings.

There’s no doubt that depression can have a huge impact on anyone’s life, but a woman with depression will still be a person with hopes, dreams and desires. With patience and understanding you will get to know her and enjoy your time together, whether that’s a single date or a longer relationship.

Seduce Females In A Snap Getting a lady can be

Seduce a woman into bed

Getting a lady can be extremely tough in todays extremely competitive dating world, even if you are a fantastic person. My short article will show you tips and guidance that will definitely assist you get your dream date.

A great deal of men have difficulty flirting with females. They do not comprehend the subtle ways in which they can build tourist attraction and convey their interest in a woman. To be effective at seducing women mastering flirting abilities is absolutely essential.

I remember when I initially learned some of the key seduction tips. It was remarkable to see that, by flicking her right switches, she appeared to be drawn in to me. This was in spite of the fact that I had not shaved in days and not even brushed my teeth that early morning!

The first thing you can do is improve your social abilities. If you are shy and too afraid to talk too females you significantly decrease your opportunities of getting girls. That’s why you need to try to end up being a good talker. Just attempt to be fascinating and friendly.

Get Physical And Use Kino

Lots of guys forget this essential step. You see, ladies are really “sensitive feely”. They regard this as regular and even females that have no attraction for you will make touching contact with you such as touching your arm or your leg.

You ought to be spirited with her and make some cool touches like this when you are with a chick. It shows that you are not a chump who would hesitate to touch a girl at all. You’ll be perceived as being positive with females and chicks will discover this extremely attractive.

To get women it is likewise very important to be confident and feel great about yourself. Program that you are a real male and that you are not scared of rejection. This actually impresses ladies who will see you as a high worth man.

Another excellent flirting pointer is slightly teasing a lady. Don ´ t go overboard with this, simply do it in an amusing, spirited method. Female definitely love this. It reveals you are positive and have the ability to make her feel excellent.

To be effective at seducing females mastering flirting skills is definitely necessary.

If you are shy and too frightened to talk too women you greatly minimize your opportunities of getting girls. They concern this as normal and even women that have no destination for you will make touching contact with you such as touching your arm or your leg.

You’ll be perceived as being positive with ladies and chicks will discover this really appealing