How to Find and Seduce a Cougar

A cougar is an older woman who is interested in younger men. So why do you want to find and date a cougar? Simply because women at that age are in their sexual prime. If you are a young man reading this, remember when you were a teenage boy? Remember what you thought about all day every day?

You thought about sex. Chances are that you still think about sex most of the time. The problem is that the women you are seeing are not thinking about it nearly as much. What if you were to meet up with a woman who matches and probably exceeds your sexual desires.

That is what it would mean to you to be able to find and date a cougar. But that’s enough of the “what” and “why’, now let get into the “how”

If you want to meet a cougar you will need to first be sexually vigorous and you will need to be able to demonstrate that at the drop of a hat.

You will also need to be willing to learn. One of the traits that these women are looking for is a man who doesn’t think that they already know it all. Did you know that you’ve probably been doing it wrong all of your sexual life? Ask any woman and if she’s honest with you, she will tell you. Your new cougar will want to be able to shape you into the sexual partner she is looking for.

And finally, you will need to allow yourself to be her possession for a finite amount of time. She doesn’t want a long term relationship most of the time, just a trophy.