How to Seduce a Pisces Woman

The Pisces Woman celebrates her birthday February 20 to March 20 and is definitely quite an intriguing person. Seduce the seductress – now that is pretty hard to do since she does have a bag of tricks up her sleeve. Purple is the best shade in the color chart to wear. This color is the shade of psychic abilities, which she is so into it.

1. Gentlemanly Deeds

Let her whimper in delight when you unleash your gallant deeds. This is quite rare for men these days so become the knight in shining armor and start opening those doors for her, as well as holding her elbow as your cross the street with you on the crash side of course.


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2. Sentimental Deeds

Seduce your Pisces woman by letting her feel that she is your sun and you are the moon. Yes, romance should be in the air together with those candlelit dinners that have only to people – that is you and her.

3. Romantic Visits to the Sea

You will thank your lucky stars and fishes too, since this water sign is indeed a sea goddess when you take her to moonlit strolls along the beach. Do not forget to drape an arm around her shoulders when she shivers. She will definitely take note of that sweet yet sexy move of yours.

4. Let her Bloom.

The best gift to secure a romantic night is to give her flowers. You will see the twinkle in her eyes as she draws the flowers closer to her nose to take a whiff of the alluring scent of the flowers. Since purple is a great color, should you not find any flowers of that shade, a perfect purple bow to hold the pink roses would definitely make her heart beat a lot faster.

Seduce a Beautiful Woman

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