How to Seduce a Woman You Work With

Seduce a woman you work withSo, you have a crush on that attractive young woman in your department at work. How can you grab her attention and never let it go? Here are some tips on how to seduce a woman you work with.

Work on Your Grooming

You don’t necessarily need to dress like James Bond every day at work. Just go for presentable. Buy nicer shirts and pants for work. Wear a nice-smelling, but not too overpowering cologne, and put some effort in styling your hair. Everyone feels more at ease with someone who looks at least halfway decent.

Have a Sense of Humor

Don’t take yourself and everything else too seriously, unless you really need to. If you can manage to take things lightly, you will naturally find your inner cheerfulness and your sense of humor. You will find that knowing how to find joy in everything, people will naturally gravitate towards you, and among them hopefully is your workplace crush.

Be Confident

Women don’t like cowards, so when a challenge appears, try your best to be the first to face it. During meetings, if you have a suggestion, be bold and raise your hand. Be confident even if your boss shoots down your idea. Don’t let this failure get to you and stay the course.

Women feel safe when they’re with someone confident; it attracts them like a magnet. This includes your office crush most likely.

Do Your Research

This is the time that you need to study your target. This might sound a bit creepy, but you need to stalk your crush. No, this does not mean you should follow her to her apartment. Check out her social media accounts, ask your office friends about her, find out as much as you can. 

For instance, if you find that she is a gun freak, make sure that you mention finding about a nice gun range in town when she is nearby, and if you’re lucky, she’ll join in on the conversation. This will be the spark that will start your friendship with her, and it will be up to you to take it to the next level.

Keep It on the Down Low

Most corporations do not allow inter-personnel relationships as it could cause serious problems when it comes to productivity, so if you are pursuing an officemate of yours, make sure that you keep it discreet. Odds are, she also wants to keep it just a secret between the two of you for now, and it will make it easier for you to build trust between the two of you.