How to Seduce an Older Woman

seduce older womanIf you think mature women think the same way as millennials then you are gravely mistaken. If you want to learn how to seduce an older woman, here are some pointers that might help.

Show That You’re Independent 

Most of the older women that you will encounter are most likely independent and provide for their own needs, and they will surely expect that you are too. Even though there are some women who would simp for men who are a lot younger than they are, they do hold independence in high regard. You should at least show her that you can hold a conversation without cracking an inappropriate joke.

Show Your Intelligence

Obviously, older women have more experience than women your age, so they have been there and done that, and they do have the right to say it. This is why they tend to be more aggressive and act all bossy, but you can level the playing field by showing them that you also have the brains to keep up with them.

A good way to display your intelligence is by engaging in sophisticated conversation, or just having a normal conversation without goofing off is a good start.

Show Her Your Confidence

Regardless of their age, women like men who are confident in themselves. Do take note that confidence is not equal to arrogance, so don’t go overboard when trying to impress a woman.

Going back to older women, they can be very dominating, especially towards men who are much younger than them. However, show her that you are at least confident enough to approach her, and try out your luck. Again, don’t get arrogant, just be comfortable with who you are.

Take the Lead

You’re the one who approached the girl, you should at least know what you want to do. Say that you managed to at least have a friendly chat with an older woman you met at the bar, what now? Do you want to ask her what she wants to do? No, you need to take the lead and make the next step.

Take charge and ask her out on a date right then and there; don’t wait two to three days before texting her, that’s for losers who think they must be a jerk in order to attract women. If you think that you have a shot at getting her, don’t waste time acting cool.