Seduce Latin Women

Bars and clubs are typically set up in the US to sell more drinks and charge higher covers at the door. The areas near the bar and bottle service areas are good places where you can have chances of interacting with others.

In Latin America, bars serve an entirely different purpose.

They weren’t set up at all for you to really meet new people. They were set up for you to meet and re-connect with people you already know…

…End of story!

You’ll see groups of friends and couples sitting around a table in chairs… with a bottle of the local drink, placed square in the center of the table.

They interact with each other and no one else 🙁

Not an ideal setup for meeting women, which is one of the MANY reasons you need to check this out if you want to seduce Latin women:


Seduce Latinas (The Secret Techniques)


So now you’re thinking, well how do you meet them if they’re all sidled up next to a table full of their friends and a bottle of booze?

Simple, just pull up a chair at their table and go from there!

There’s also another option in case you don’t want to sit with the whole group.

Just pay attention when your target gets up to go to the bathroom, wait about 3 minutes, and head in the same direction…

And after she has left the bathroom area but BEFORE she has a chance to return to the table… THAT is the exact moment you want to spring into action!

You’ll learn in the system Keys To Seducing Latin Women.

Fundamentally, the rules of slamming girls on the mattress are the same, the world over… but it’s the little details like this that make it happen wherever you happen to be on this big blue marble.

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