Successful Seduction Married Woman

Many men who are interested in seducing women, are finding it more and more satisfying to approach and seduce married women. Why? Mostly because of the lack of commitment. You don’t want to break up any marriages, just have a good time.

The good news is that’s all she wants also. Here are 5 excellent tips to find, meet and seduce married women.

1. Give her what she doesn’t get at home, lavish complements and praise.

2. A party at work is excellent for success at seducing married women! Everyone already knows that alcohol rings out the truth. If you have a married co-worker that you are interested in becoming intimate with, you will find out at these parties if she has any issues at home that you can use to your advantage. Of course, we never recommend attempting to seduce a woman while she is drinking, just use this for the information gathering. Finding a susceptible woman is 99% of the job.

3. Find a woman in the supermarket or a shopping mall with a ring but no children. She will not be expecting to be approached by a man, so be subtle, ask her to go out for a coffee. If she agrees, consider that to be a good sign that she wants a break from her daily routine and meet new people.

If the coffee goes well, take it a step further and see if she wants to go for a drink, and simply move forward from there. This approach is the most time consuming but, if you follow the steps and move subtly yet surely forward you will find it to be among the most successful.

4. Make her think about why she’s considering cheating in the first place. Is she being mistreated or does she just want to know what good sex feels like again? Their is a good and probably powerful reason. Find out what it is and use it.

5. Its all about her. That is probably what she is lacking in her marriage, anything for her. Give her whatever she needs.